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Microsoft Surface Firmware Updates for February 2014 Commented on: 2 years ago (February 11, 2014)

Wireless is a huge issue still with all Surface. My "Limited" warning on my RT has supposedly been resolved too many times to count. My current procedure to use my Surface on the train:


Windows Phone 8.1 Feature Set Possibly Leaked Commented on: 2 years ago (February 11, 2014)

Articles like this sure bring out the trolls and nay Sayers and those who have a personal axe to grind. I personally cannot wait and am excited about this update, not just because of the new...

What the Heck is Happening to Windows? Commented on: 2 years ago (February 9, 2014)

Not sure I agree 100%. My feeling is go for broke and everything eventually becomes Metro, with the desktop only a playground for legacy applications. I thought this was the original vision.

Windows 8.1 Update 1 Preview: Hands-on with Build 16596 Commented on: 2 years ago (February 4, 2014)

Paul. I love many of the additions and I see the desktop and the Metro side beginning to meld a bit more.

One question - the contextual menus you can access on the Start Screen with the...

Bing Travel Beta for Windows Phone 8 Commented on: 2 years ago (January 31, 2014)

This all looks like the start of the further integration of Windows/Windows Phone which, I for one welcome. It is the key to Microsoft's game plan and their future.

I have now added all the...

Windows Phone Device Stats: January 2014 Commented on: 2 years ago (January 30, 2014)

Any word on Microsoft/Nokia opening in other markets? I got truly excited when KDDI AU sported the very first Windows Phone 7.5 device, hoping someone - any one- would make the jump to other...

Windows 8.1 Update 1 Preview: More Good News for PC Users Commented on: 2 years ago (January 28, 2014)

The clock is a glaring omission from the basic start screen. But perhaps it is on the way as well.
I for one am not as pleased about these older items ingratiating themselves into the OS. I...

SkyDrive Becomes OneDrive Commented on: 2 years ago (January 27, 2014)

Did they check to be sure Apple didn't invent One?

Microsoft Improves Office Web Apps UI, Adds New Features Commented on: 2 years ago (January 24, 2014)

I had noticed the differences you mention, but didn't think anything of it until this article.

One big difference that is nice, now from Skydrive, you can open a document and it defaults to...

Thinking About the Windows 2-In-1 PC Commented on: 2 years ago (January 23, 2014)

Your term is most accurate. I have two different tablets running 8.1 and a laptop doing the same. I first used Windows 8 on the Acer tablet, but found for some work when I took it on a trip I...

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