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Samsung's Nook Tablet: An Interesting Case of What Might Have Been Commented on: 9 weeks ago (August 21, 2014)

If this is what made Bezos see red and only offer crippled Kindle support for Windows, it was a very bad deal indeed. In addition to $300 million of shareholder cash down the drain the damage to...

How Perception Will Kill Windows Phone Commented on: 9 weeks ago (August 19, 2014)

Alas the same markets where a $.99 app is a luxury is where Windows phone seems to be somewhat succeeding. Android has proved you can sell a lot of cheap handsets, and Microsoft might also be...

Coming Soon: Threshold Public Preview Commented on: 9 weeks ago (August 18, 2014)

Right. But let's not be pedantic. ;-)

Cortana vs. Siri: Happy Anniversary Commented on: 12 weeks ago (July 30, 2014)

Cortana needs to get the concept of a weekday. Try "remind me to go to the scrum meeting every weekeday at 9:00 am".

Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 Preview Commented on: 12 weeks ago (July 30, 2014)

Paul, it would be interesting if any of your contacts inside MS could give us any insight into whether or not any of the carriers _ever_ came back to MS and "gee, we found X in our testing you...

Plan B for Windows Phone? Commented on: 15 weeks ago (July 9, 2014)

When WP7 came out we asked "will the market support a third ecosystem?" The answer unfortunately is no. I love my Lumia 1020 and WP8.1, but the constant absence of apps is a daily irritant....

Compete Report: Mac OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 Commented on: 19 weeks ago (June 10, 2014)

The best thing that could happen to Microsoft is for Stephen Sinofsky to go to work for Apple. If I hear a serious report of it though, I'm dumping my AAPL stock.

Windows Phone Device Stats: May 2014 Commented on: 21 weeks ago (May 30, 2014)

I bought a no-contract 1020 from Amazon and use it on AIO/Cricket. They should be able to unlock it for you if the developer account doesn't. AIO/Cricket is an ATT subsidiary that uses the same...

Windows 8.1 Update 1 Arrives Commented on: 28 weeks ago (April 8, 2014)

When they report on something you don't know a lot about, remember how accurate they were when reporting about something you do know a lot about.

Back by Popular Demand? Commented on: 39 weeks ago (January 22, 2014)

HP will sell what the marketplace demands.

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