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Windows 10 November Update: React and Respond to Your Phone on Your PC Commented on: 11 weeks ago (November 19, 2015)


How To: Automatically Save Screenshots to OneDrive Commented on: 24 weeks ago (August 17, 2015)

Seems that it also takes them away from the Screenshot folder in Pictures Desktop

How To: Quickly Open Internet Explorer Pages in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 Commented on: 27 weeks ago (July 31, 2015)

After I upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7 I inadvertently deleted my In Private Browsing session that was pinned to my taskbar. Beings that I couldn't drag the session to the taskbar in Edge,...

Product Review: Microsoft Lumia 735 for Verizon Commented on: 32 weeks ago (June 25, 2015)

Looking to replace my HTC M8 which I hate... might have just pushed me over the edge....

Microsoft begins preview program for new features Commented on: 37 weeks ago (May 22, 2015)

I'd love to be able to use to check both of my (MSFT) accounts.

Windows Apps Weekly for 19 April 2015 – INRIX Commented on: 41 weeks ago (April 20, 2015)

I used to use this everyday, but got tired of them ignoring input, and using old data and plus the app for the phone has not been update in just over 2 years!

Windows Phone: The future is not as dim as it may seem Commented on: 42 weeks ago (April 14, 2015)

Speaking of banks, I'm one of the ones that elected to stay with BofA at least until Windows 10 comes out to see what happens. Turns out, I'm glad I did. When BofA pulled their app they also shut...

OneNote Clipper 2.0 released by Microsoft Commented on: 47 weeks ago (March 12, 2015)

Hey Richard, The clipper most certainly does work with I.E. Metro and OneNote MX. If you have the clipper in your favorites bar, then while in I.E. Modern, from the page you want to clip, open...

Amazon Goes Stream-only for Video? Deprecates Offline Viewing App Commented on: 48 weeks ago (March 3, 2015)

I agree with one of the previous posters. I had to use their customer service the other day with a Kindle book purchase problem and was shocked. It was the first time I rated their customer...

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