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Microsoft Partners with Dropbox on Office Across Devices Commented on: 2 weeks ago (November 5, 2014)

Ummmm.... I can't see you back there in the dust!!

OneDrive Data Dump, Part 2: Photos Commented on: 2 weeks ago (November 3, 2014)

What about SharePoint? If you have Office 365, you have SharePoint. For the past 2 years I have been using SP for all my data and images. It is a bit more time consuming, since you have to...

Samsung's Nook Tablet: An Interesting Case of What Might Have Been Commented on: 13 weeks ago (August 21, 2014)

I picked one up yesterday. It does have Google play. Also has 2 cameras, Bluetooth, GPS. It seems to be just like a Tab 4, with a Nook home screen. I am a long time Nook user, and I think this is...

What I Use (Home Swap): Cellular Internet Access Commented on: 15 weeks ago (August 7, 2014)

Here's my nightmare story:
Went to France a few months ago. I have an SIII. Verizon has a plan where you can pay $5 and have it work for calls but no data. That was OK by me, what with all...

Nokia Lumia 635: First Impressions and Photos Commented on: 18 weeks ago (July 17, 2014)

I really want a Windows phone. I tried one out a few months ago but returned it for lack of an important feature. Mail has no unified Inbox. I use lots of rules that move mail to Folders. I have...

Some Thoughts About Office "Touch" for Windows Commented on: 34 weeks ago (March 29, 2014)

I use a Sony Tap11 WIn tablet. It came with a cover keyboard, which I use when I need to be 'productive'. In Office apps, I find myself touching the screen as much as possible, and using the...

Nokia Lumia Icon: First Impressions and Photos Commented on: 36 weeks ago (March 15, 2014)

Hi Paul
I got an Icon 2 days ago. I like it, but... I am a heavy e-mail user, I have lots of folders with rules sending mail straight to the folders. Getting the phone to sync all the...

28 Days Later: Thinking About Mini-Tablets Commented on: 36 weeks ago (March 11, 2014)

I have been a Nook fan from day 1. I have all three versions. The latest, the HD is 9.5", full Android and a great Nook reader. It does all file types, books, newspapers, magazines,...

Android Now Dominates the Tablet Market Too Commented on: 37 weeks ago (March 3, 2014)

Price is important, but value and design (usability) are more so. I have been looking at Win tablets very closely and did not see anything I would buy at any price until recently. My "perfect"...

OneDrive Goes Live Commented on: 39 weeks ago (February 20, 2014)

Checking out the new OneDrive, I noticed that fetching files does not work with Windows 8.1, even if you have the desktop app. So MS took away a feature? What's up with that?

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