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Fall 2013 Windows Tablet Preview Commented on: 1 year ago (September 12, 2013)

Until they build a 4:3 tablet, they're doing it wrong.

Transitions Commented on: 1 year ago (September 11, 2013)

I mostly agree with you, but I think the change needed is not huge.

Rename Windows RT as Windows Tablet. Or find a better name without the "windows", as there is no windows on Metro. WTH,...

Microsoft Wins the High Ground in War with Google Commented on: 1 year ago (August 17, 2013)

That means you are not a software developer. This is not a thing of getting a list of bullet points. HTML5 sucks as a whole

Hands-On with Windows 8.1: Portrait Mode Commented on: 1 year ago (June 26, 2013)

Portrait mode is so broken on 16:9 screens. Apple got it right with 4:3 ratio.

Sony PlayStation 4 Preview Commented on: 1 year ago (June 11, 2013)

I've been a hardcore Xbox user since the day the first Xbox came out. I'm a 10+ Xbox Live user.

If Sony makes a little more comfortable controller (move the left thumb to it's natural...

Coming in Blue: Boot to Desktop, Start Button, and More! Commented on: 1 year ago (May 29, 2013)

The Start button without the Start menu is simply stupid and more confusing. I can hear users... "they took it away, then they bring it back, but you click on it and the desktop is gone again. Why...

What if Xbox One is Another Windows 8? Commented on: 1 year ago (May 28, 2013)

I don't think a non-gaming version will ever be available, but what about a non-HDMI-input version?

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