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Windows Phone 8.1 Preview Commented on: 2 weeks ago (April 3, 2014)

Do you know if the version of IE11 coming in WP8.1 is the same as that packed into WindowsRT, or is it the one on Xbox One?

Windows 8.1 Update 1 Review Commented on: 2 weeks ago (April 2, 2014)

Typo at the end of the first paragraph: while is true that Microsoft was "writing the wrongs of Windows 8" two-plus years ago, now they're trying to "right" the wrongs.

I know you say you...

Some Thoughts About Office "Touch" for Windows Commented on: 3 weeks ago (March 28, 2014)

Considering the success the "it has full Office" marketing campaign has had, this release isn't going to impact Windows tablet sales in the slightest.

If your core product's only draw is...

Mozilla Kills Modern Version of Firefox Commented on: 5 weeks ago (March 15, 2014)

The problem isn't limited to browser makers, though it's pretty acute for them. Mobile apps suck - flat out, no bones about it. The only way around that is to be in a first- or second-party...

Only Windows Gets Mobile Multitasking Right Commented on: 6 weeks ago (March 5, 2014)

Please don't forget that by including this stuff on traditional, desktop PCs - where it seems sort of strange and offputting - Windows users don't have to learn multiple, disparate interfaces....

PlayStation 4 at 6 Million: What?! Commented on: 6 weeks ago (March 4, 2014)

I figure the lagging of the X1 has nothing to do directly with consumers, but everything to do with marketing. The marketing failure of the X1 didn't just start at E3 when the PS4 got announced...

Windows 8.1 Update 1: Modern Mouse Improvements Commented on: 10 weeks ago (February 6, 2014)

The intelligent move on their part isn't to make the OS so that you can ignore entire swaths of it, but so that you can interact naturally and easily with all the parts of it.

The title bar...

Windows 8.1 Update 1: Disk Space Commented on: 10 weeks ago (February 4, 2014)

Paragraph 1 typo: "Recycle Bing" should be "Recycle Bin". Or is that a scoop on Nadella's first year?

Cheap vs. Good Value Commented on: 13 weeks ago (January 13, 2014)

You know Windows Defender comes built in to Windows 8?

If all someone needs a computer for is web browsing and email, then why do they need to pay $300 for a Chromebook when they could get...

Nokia Lumia "Black": Glance 2.0 Commented on: 13 weeks ago (January 13, 2014)

My understanding is that it is activated by the front-facing camera, so the device would have to have one of those to work in the first place.

Further, because only select pixels are being...

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