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Goodbye Commented on: 2 years ago (January 15, 2015)

Don't worry, Paul: a lot of us are coming with you. It's always been your voice that we came for, and that's true of as well.
Good luck!

Microsoft Partners with PayPal on Retail Payments Commented on: 2 years ago (January 14, 2015)

I wonder if Microsoft Retail Stores will transition to using this instead of the modified Lumia 900s they've been using for POS. That would be a much more effective demonstration of their solution...

Microsoft Launches Two More Affordable Lumia Handsets Commented on: 2 years ago (January 14, 2015)

I recognize the potential growth from capturing the smartphone market in developing countries, but this low-end obsession has got to slow down. Microsoft is racing to the bottom with these...

Microsoft Lashes Out at Google for Revealing Security Flaw Commented on: 2 years ago (January 12, 2015)

Google doesn't have enterprise clients (to speak of) that rely on regular patch releases. You can side with them all you want - they knowingly and maliciously released compromising information...

Is Spotify Unstoppable? Commented on: 2 years ago (January 12, 2015)

You're partly right - it's the solution no one wants to a problem affluent people think they have. I'd lay good money on the service being more popular if Microsoft hid their role in it.

Microsoft Says It Hasn't Forgotten About Windows Phone Fans Commented on: 2 years ago (January 2, 2015)

It's pretty difficult to attract the "next billion" when you haven't managed to engage the "first billion" - let's hope Microsoft's strategic planning is better than its communication strategy.

How Microsoft Hopes to Overcome the App Gap in 2015 Commented on: 2 years ago (December 31, 2014)

I'm looking forward to more growth on this, and I think Microsoft has made a lot of the right moves in positioning Visual Studio as a true multi-platform development tool. When developers can...

Microsoft's Next Big Mistake: Increasing the Price of the Xbox One Commented on: 2 years ago (December 30, 2014)

Maybe they'll back down if a bunch of kids on the internet start yelling at them.

Microsoft's Missed Opportunity with Internet Explorer in Windows 10 Commented on: 2 years ago (December 29, 2014)

W3C defines the language specifications, not the implementation details. That latter bit is up to the rendering engine, which is up to the software author.

Standardizing browser rendering...

Pre-Order "Halo 5: Guardians" for Xbox One Commented on: 2 years ago (December 29, 2014)

Opening up the pre-orders this far in advance is sort of problematic for them: it puts too much pressure to ship Fall 2015, which means they don't have room to delay for necessary fixes.

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