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Edward Thirlwall

Storage and Removal Expert, Sydney, Supercheap self Storage Sydney

Skills: innovation and conceptualisation

Career Summary:

In the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney live Edward Thirlwall with his family. Outwardly, he may look like any normal Australian guy - he enjoys spending time on the beach with a surfboard or epic ski and just riding the waves on a thrill-seeking adventure, on his down time, he enjoys watching movies and reading with his kids at his home.


Edward is also a very big fan of nature - from a young age he was exposed to many different exotic sceneries including the lush highlands of Papua New Guinea and its neighbouring islands. He’s carried this love of the natural environment into adulthood and passes on his love to his family. They spend a lot of time over the weekends just walking through the country side and the mountains of Australia.


When he’s back to work though, Edward is full steam ahead. Supercheap Storage (the company which he started) is a self storage solution that is slowly but surely expanding across Australia, and Edward is proud to head Sydney’s Eastern Suburb divisions as the manager and owner.


Supercheap storage facilities Australia aims to be a one-stop shop for storage solutions. No matter what your idea of self storage used to be, throw it out of the window now! Supercheap Storage aims to be much more than that and at the very base of its business model, it’s already a relocation service and storage service rolled into one! Edward strongly believes that it is always good to offer something extra to the customer, whether it’s a simple smile to brighten up their day, or an actual tangible service that makes the whole experience that much easier to handle.


Besides offering a number of fabulous options along with the storage space they provide, Supercheap Storage is all about affordable storage services as well. It was a big and welcome surprise that offering transportation for the mobile storage units was also able to enhance the low prices of the business model. That’s because when Supercheap Storage handles the transportation, the wonderful thing about this is that we are in charge of the items in our care - no more external parties need to be involved.


With external parties, your items go through twice as much handling, up and down the transport vehicle and packed into one area to be repacked into another later. What a hassle! With more movement, there is also a higher chance of accidents and breakages of items that you’ve entrusted into our care. We don’t want to take for granted the trust you’ve put in us so we really want to make sure that there’s no double-handling.


When there is no double handling of the furniture we also save a lot of time and money on labour costs which everybody knows is horribly expensive in Singapore. Double handling means extra work transferring items between people for no real benefit but in fact more costs! With the money and time that we save, it translates to each and every one of our customers, and that’s why we have you always coming back for more Supercheap Storage solutions!

Specialties: Portable Storage Units

Current Roles:

Company Owner, Franchise Manager


Finance & Economy, Sydney University

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