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on Jun 1, 2016

How buggy are releases in the slow ring? I'm interested in trying it out, but don't want to brick my phone. I'm using the 10586 version of the OS as is.

on Jun 2, 2016

Each ring has a higher level of stability. Before a build goes to the Slow Ring it would have been in use as a Fast Ring build and any serious bugs fixed before going to Slow Ring.

Stability wise Slow Ring should be more solid than Fast for sure. I still do not recommend using any ring on a device you depend upon or that you are not willing to reset if necessary.

Plus - backups!

on Jun 9, 2016

Are you sure that the Slow Ring is more stable than the Fast Ring? Aren't the Slow Ring builds the exact same builds as the Fast Ring except you get them later and not as frequently? I say this because I believe that the build numbers in the Slow Ring build numbers are the same as the Fast Ring build numbers. It's not like as if as soon as you install a Slow Ring build that you get a cumulative update with bug fixes, right?

on Jun 9, 2016

Slow Ring builds are usually a couple builds behind however, in the last few weeks they were the same and overlapped.

on Jul 6, 2016

I think what has been happening recently, as we are getting closer to release, Fast ring builds are released, and if sufficiently stable are released to the slow ring after a 'honeymoon' period. That happens more often than not now. In the past, not every Fast ring build wound up being released to Slow, just the good ones.

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