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on Feb 24, 2017

I think you really mean to say it's great to see *any* mainstream developer or high profile company releasing *any* modern app for Windows 10. So many have deserted the platform once Windows Mobile completely failed in the market, there's very little to actually report on activity in the Windows App Store.

on Feb 27, 2017

IIRC, I looked at the official Twitter app a month or two ago and it wanted access to many of my settings. It is/was a too nosy app for my taste. Is this version more respectful of my privacy?

I really would like to have a Twitter app on Windows 10, which one, if any, would you consider the least intrusive from the privacy perspective?

on Feb 27, 2017

The official Twitter app will suffice for most users.

on Mar 2, 2017

You did not answer my question. I consider the Twitter app to be too invasive to allow on my system. What other app provides less intrusion and still allows me to organize and view tweets?

on Mar 2, 2017

For Windows 10 - any Twitter app is going to need access to a certain amount of information to log you in to your Twitter account. Some other options though outside of the official app is Tweetium for Windows, Tweeten, Tweet It!

There are others that show up in the Windows Store if you search for "twitter"

Your last option would be to just use a web browser and access Twitter through its website.

on Mar 4, 2017

Thank you

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