Windows 10 can be customized in numerous ways and the Start Menu has several areas it can be personalized to accommodate your own usage preferences.

Although I like to keep shortcuts for some system folders on my Taskbar, Windows 10 will let you select up to 10 of those folders so they can be displayed on the left hand side of your Start Menu.

By default Windows 10 only displays the Power Button and your User Account on the Start Menu.

Default Windows 10 Start Menu

On my systems I opt for just displaying three options.

From top to bottom that is the Personal Folder, File Explorer, and Settings.

My Start Menu Folder Options in Windows 10

Of course you could go all out and include all 10 of the System Folders on your Start Menu.

From top to bottom that is User, Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, Videos, HomeGroup, Network, Personal Folder, File Explorer, and Settings.

Start Menu in Windows 10 Showing all 10 System Folders

If you want to pick and choose which folders you have on the Windows 10 Start Menu for quick access then here is how you do it.

Step One: Open Windows Settings > Personalization > Start Settings

Windows Settings App

Windows 10 Start Personalization Settings

Step Two: Select the System Folders you want to appear on your Windows 10 Start Menu

System Folder Options for Windows 10 Start Menu

From this screen just flip the On/Off toggle to select which folders are displayed on the Windows 10 Start Menu. You can come back to this screen as much as you desire to tweak your customized items to find what works best for you.



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