If you are an Android mobile device user and using Windows 10 as your desktop operating system you can easily push any notifications from your phone to the Windows 10 Action Center on your desktop/tablet devices.

This is a feature we are used to on Windows 10 Mobile devices with Cortana activated and using the same Microsoft Account on other Windows 10 devices.

However, a recent update to the Cortana app on Android now allows you to not only push those notifications to your Windows 10 desktop/tablet based devices but also fully customize them just like we can from Windows 10 Mobile.

To get started just install the Cortana app for Android on your device from the Google Play store.

Once it is installed you can open the app and it will ask you to sign in with your Microsoft Account. Make sure you use the same one as your other Windows 10 devices if you want to sync notifications from one system to the others.

Once you are logged into Cortana she will of course have access to your Notebook on your Android device and be able to set reminders, provide tips and look up other information for you.

To get started pushing the notifications to your Windows 10 device just tap the hamburger menu and select Settings.

Cortana on Android Settings Menu

On the next screen you want to select the Sync notifications option.

Cortana on Android Sync Notifications to PC Settings

Here is where all of the settings are located for general notifications, the default ones are already selected on the first screen. You can also select Choose which apps to sync to turn on and customize notifications from your installed apps.

By default, no apps are pre-selected to push notifications to your Windows 10 devices.

Cortana on Android Sync Notifications Settings Cortana on Android Sync Notifications Settings

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