All three of the most recent editions of Windows, versions 7, 8.1 and 10, all have tools that can help you troubleshoot various problems with the operating system.

A common error that can occur for various reasons is broken Windows Updates which results in the end users inability to properly download and install any type of update including security and performance related fixes.

This can be very frustrating and then if you do not know how to access the proper troubleshooter or where to go check to try and remedy the issue then it only adds to the overall frustration levels.

Although I am not sure this new Fix Windows Update Errors page from Microsoft Support is a direct response to reducing that frustration, it does provide a one stop shop to point you to the right method of troubleshooting any Windows Update errors with the last three major Windows versions.

To access the wizard just visit the Fix Windows Update Errors page and scroll down until you see the option to pick your OS.

Windows Update Errors Wizard

The next screen will vary depending on your operating system selection.

Windows 10

Windows Update Errors Page - Windows 10

Windows 8.1

Windows Update Errors Page - Windows 8.1

Windows 7

Windows Update Errors Page - Windows 7

Just answer the questions from the wizard as you complete each step until your Windows Update is working again or you get directed to further support options.

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