Two tweaks were made to the System Tray and Taskbar for the Action Center and Windows Ink Workspace in the Windows 10 Anniversary Workspace.

One icon was moved to a new location on the right side of the date and time while the other is automatically visible to the left of the date and time if your system hardware supports it.

However, you can easily activate/deactivate these icons although in one case that does not make much sense if you want to get notifications on your device.

First let's talk about the location of the Action Center and Windows Ink Workspace icons on the Taskbar/System Tray.

Windows Ink Workspace and Action Center Icons in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

  1. Windows Ink Workspace icon
  2. Action Center icon

Note: Unlike some other Taskbar/System Tray icons - these two icons can not be moved from their current locations.

However, they can be turned on/off based on your preferences as described below.

Step One: How To Turn On Windows Ink Workspace Icon (Option 1)

Taskbar Context Menu in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Open the Taskbar Context Menu by Right-Clicking on an open spot on the Taskbar.

Select/click/tap the Show Windows Ink Workspace entry and verify it now has a checkmark in front of it. You should now see the Windows Ink Workspace icon to the left of the date and time.

This is handy because Windows Ink Workspace apps can work with keyboard and mouse and give you quick access to the apps even if you do not have a touch screen or stylus.

Step Two: Turn Action Center (Option 1) and Windows Ink workspace Icons (Option 2) On or Off

Taskbar Personalization Options in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Begin by opening the Windows Settings app and selecting Personalization.

Once the Personalization page is open scroll down until you find the Turn system icons or or off link.

Click or tap that link to open up the next dialog box.

Turn system icons on or off in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

In this dialog you can turn on or off several other system icons including the Action Center and Windows Ink Workspace.

You can now exit the Settings app and continue with your daily routine.

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