This past weekend the folks over at WinBeta posted a video of an unreleased build of Windows 10 that shows off some interesting changes to the Start Menu and Start Screen.

I have embedded the video below but I wanted to specifically cover the changes that are being shown in the Start Menu and Start Screen.  Since they are the primary portal we use into the operating system it is an area that everyone keeps a very close eye on.

Let me say this up front – I like these changes and I hope they remain permanent. I have never been a big fan of the menu running up the left side of the expanded Start Screen as it takes up valuable screen space.

This new implementation does a nice job of taking that off screen by default but leaves it easily accessible through – of all things – a hamburger menu.

Windows 10 build 10114 Start Menu

Start Menu shows the File Explorer and Settings buttons have now moved to new positions above the Power button.  Also note that the Expand Start button is no longer in the upper right hand corner.

Windows 10 build 10114 Start Personalization

Start Menu/Screen customizations are now handled in the Settings>Personalization area which now has a Start page. Full-screen Start when in desktop mode is controlled from here.

Windows 10 build 10114 Start Screen

Here is the full Start Screen. Note the Hamburger Menu in the upper left corner.

Windows 10 build 10114 Start Screen with Sidebar Menu

The Windows 10 build 10014 Start Screen with the Hamburger Menu active showing Most used, Recently added and the standard menu items at the bottom.

Windows 10 build 10114 All Apps Menu

The Windows 10 build 10114 All Apps menu.

It appears fit, finish and functionality continues to move forward as we march towards a summer release of Windows 10. Let's just hope these changes make it into the next Windows Insider build so that we can really put them through everyday usage scenarios - especially touch/tablet mode.

Here is the original video posted by WinBeta:

Source: WinBeta