The first draft of the Video chapter for Windows 8.1 Book is now complete. This chapter focuses on the Xbox Video app, as you might expect, but also discusses how SmartGlass can be used with purchased content and an Xbox 360.

This update adds sections on playback, managing personal video content, using the app with SmartGlass and Play To, and configuring Xbox Video, and I also completed the section on purchasing content from Xbox Video Store.

As noted previously, this topic is pretty straightforward, so there were no surprises. However, there are two items I've leaving for a later date because we need more information: Miracast support and the exact list of video formats that are supported by this software. I'll add information about both when possible.

Feedback is always appreciated.

Download Video 0.2 (29 page PDF, 3.85 MB)

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Download Windows 8.1 Book 0.02 (86 page PDF, 8.82 MB)

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