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on May 10, 2016

Honestly, I had never considered looking for alternates for the FM radio app. I hear advertisements on the radio for "download Next Radio from the Google Play Store for your smart phone!" so figured something else was out there, but FM radio is such a simple feature, the thought never occurred to me to look. I checked out the first one you mentioned, Radio FM Phone, which seems pretty decent for a small radio app. Only a few minor complaints about it, like how the US tuner goes every .1 instead of .2 marks (since US radio goes from 102.7 to 102.9, not 102.8) and there's no easy way to switch listening devices. But I appreciate having options out there!

on May 10, 2016

I never understood why modern smartphones ditched the FM Radio. I like it in my SGS3 and feel sad I will have to lose that functionality when I go to a new phone.

IMO it's a very American-centric view of the world. Just because US stations play crap music (because of payola) and just because you have multi-GB plans, it doesn't mean the rest of the world has.

on May 16, 2016

All three of these options are seriously inferior to Microsoft's app. The best of the lot, Radio FM Phone, locks up a lot and is surprisingly difficult to use. Worse, no support for RDS text.

I wish Microsoft would just open source apps like this that it abandons so we can take over the chore of support it.

on Jan 24, 2017

Hey checkout the latest fm radio app for windows and spread it to other user work great with windows phone 10 unable to paste link here but name is " FM Radio Tune"

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