Here’s a very early peek at the Email chapter for Windows Phone Book. Based on a quick run-through of the tasks for this chapter, it’s looking very straightforward, and should be completely very quickly.

In fact, I was kind of surprised by how quickly this one came together. And while I’m sure I’ll be adding more tasks as the writing continues, it looks fairly complete, topic-wise, already. So far I’ve got level-1 headings for the following:

Email in the cloud age

Understand the Mail app

View other email folders

Mark a message as read or unread

Use message flags

Delete a message

View a message

Reply to or forward a message

Compose a new message

Manually sync with the email service

Link two or more inboxes

Customize Mail

Wrapping up

A few of these sections are even complete in first-draft form, including Use message flags, Delete a message, Compose a new message, and manually sync with the email service.

More soon. I suspect this one will come together very quickly.

Download Email 0.1

Download Windows Phone Book 0 .018